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Serenity Jade

Add Meaning to Your Look with a Hundred Jade Beads Cross Necklace

Add Meaning to Your Look with a Hundred Jade Beads Cross Necklace

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Carry a tangible symbol of your spirituality wherever life takes you with the Hundred Jade Beads Cross Necklace. This exquisite piece features a unique cross pendant adorned with a hundred intricately crafted jade beads, creating a textured and visually captivating look.


The Hundred Jade Beads Cross Necklace Key Features:


Premium Jade Craftsmanship:

Indulge in the luxury of premium jade craftsmanship. The jade beads that form the cross pendant are meticulously crafted, each contributing to the textured appearance that sets this necklace apart. Immerse yourself in the smooth, cool touch of genuine jade against your skin.

Beaded Necklace Cord:

The cross pendant gracefully attaches to a beaded necklace cord, providing a seamless and cohesive look. The entire piece is a testament to thoughtful design and precision, ensuring that the necklace not only feels comfortable but also complements your unique style.

Transformative Energy:

Experience the transformative energy that emanates from the Hundred Jade Beads Cross Necklace. Each bead symbolizes passion, trust, faith, and rebirth, creating a holistic representation of the core values that guide your life's journey. This necklace goes beyond adornment, offering a spiritual connection that resonates with your inner self.

Powerful Reminder of Values:

Wear more than just jewelry; wear a powerful reminder of the values that shape your journey. The Hundred Jade Beads Cross Necklace is a tangible expression of your faith and beliefs, allowing you to carry your core values with you as you navigate the adventures of life.

Gift of Spiritual Significance:

Searching for a meaningful gift? The Hundred Jade Beads Cross Necklace is a thoughtful and spiritually significant choice. Celebrate moments of importance with a gift that transcends material beauty, symbolizing a connection to something greater.


Pendant Symbol: Cross Jade Necklace
Material: Authentic Nephrite Jade
Necklace Type: Pendant, Beaded
Adjustable: Yes
Color: Green (Jade), White (Jade)


Embrace the transformative energy and symbolic beauty of the Hundred Jade Beads Cross Necklace. Let this extraordinary piece become an integral part of your spiritual journey, enhancing your style with a touch of elegance and a profound connection to your core values.

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