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Serenity Jade

Let Your Sagittarius Side Shine with Jade Necklace

Let Your Sagittarius Side Shine with Jade Necklace

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Sagittarius—Restless, Ongoing, and Very Independent Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Outgoing, quirky and adventurous, Sagittarius signs are always up for a good time. This Sagittarius ZODIAC SIGN JADE PENDANT NECKLACE displays the archer symbol on the base of the necklace. The cord itself is adjustable and comfortable, decorated with various colors and sizes of beads and chain links to finish its look.

The zodiac reflects individual character traits, so why not celebrate your own personal identity with a Sagittarius Jade Bracelet? Made in the USA, this Piece features bright hues color to perfectly represent your fiery personality!

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