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Serenity Jade

Look Mysterious and Alluring with Pisces Jade Necklace

Look Mysterious and Alluring with Pisces Jade Necklace

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Pisces—Idealistic, Supersensitive, and usually a person with much vision Feb.19 – Mar. 20

Understanding, gentle and trustworthy, Pisces signs are considered to be great friends. This Pisces ZODIAC SIGN JADE PENDANT NECKLACE shows off these qualities in the form of five pendants shaped from nephrite jade into the shape of the Pisces sign. They attach to an adjustable light green necklace cord.

The Pisces Astrology Jade Necklace is a perfect birthday gift for those born between February 19 to March 20. These individuals are known for their understanding, gentle, and trustworthy nature. This necklace will help the wearer look mysterious and alluring while representing their zodiac sign.

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