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Serenity Jade

Make a Lasting Impression with the Cross Jade Necklace

Make a Lasting Impression with the Cross Jade Necklace

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Indulge in the intricate craftsmanship of the Cross with Jesus Christ  Jade Pendant Necklace. Meticulously hand-carved into authentic nephrite jade, this religious pendant embodies detailed artistry, showcasing the dedication and skill poured into its creation.


The Hand-Carved Cross with Jesus Christ Jade Pendant Necklace Key Features:


Statement of Religious Devotion:

Make a profound statement with this detailed religious pendant. The Cross with Jesus Christ Nailed Jade Pendant Necklace stands as a testament to faith and devotion. Its unique design captures the essence of religious symbolism, making it a distinctive and powerful accessory.

Authentic Nephrite Jade Craftsmanship:

Crafted from authentic nephrite jade, renowned for its natural beauty and durability, this necklace reflects a commitment to quality. The genuine jade enhances the pendant's appeal, providing a lasting and meaningful piece that holds spiritual significance.

Adjustable Braided Necklace Cord:

The pendant gracefully hangs from an adjustable braided necklace cord, offering versatility in length for personalized comfort. The intricate braiding adds an extra layer of detail to the piece, while accent beads along the bottom contribute to the overall aesthetic charm.

Symbolism of Passion and Faith:

The Cross Jade Pendant Necklace is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a profound symbol of passion, trust, faith, and rebirth. Let this necklace become a powerful expression of your spiritual journey, carrying the weight of meaning and devotion.

Lasting Impression:

Make a lasting impression with the Cross with Jesus Christ Jade Pendant Necklace. Its detailed design and spiritual symbolism create a piece that goes beyond mere adornment, leaving an enduring impact on those who encounter its beauty.

Gift of Spiritual Significance:

Celebrate moments of spiritual significance with a meaningful gift. The Cross with Jesus Christ Nailed Jade Pendant Necklace is a thoughtful and profound choice for commemorating milestones, religious occasions, or as a gesture of shared faith.


Pendant Symbol: Cross Jade Necklace
Material: Authentic Nephrite Jade
Necklace Type: Pendant, Beaded
Adjustable: Yes
Color: Green (Jade), White (Jade)


Embrace the spiritual beauty and symbolic depth of the Cross with Jesus Christ Nailed Jade Pendant Necklace. Elevate your style with a piece that encapsulates faith, devotion, and the enduring craftsmanship of authentic nephrite jade.

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